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Technische Universität Wien


4th Symposium on Geometry and Computational Design - Friday 17 Nov, 2017 (Kuppelsaal)

The Speakers of the 4th GCD symposium:

OPENING HELMUT POTTMANN, Director of the Center for Geometry and Computational Design, HANNES WERTHNER, Dean of the Faculty of Informatics

WERNER SOBEK, University of Stuttgart, Werner Sobek Group ad ultra Coffee break

OLGA SORKINE-HORNUNG, ETH Zurich Interactive 3D Modeling and Digital Fabrication using Computation-Friendly Variational Methods

CHRIS WOJTAN, IST Austria Surface-Only Methods for Simulating Flow and Fracture Lunch break

JUSTIN SOLOMON, MIT Beneath the Surface: Geometry Processing at the Intrinsic/Extrinsic Interface

FABIO GRAMAZIO, ETH Zurich, Gramazio Kohler Architects Digital Materiality in Architecture Coffee break

TOBIAS NOLTE, Certain Measures Computer Vision and Design

MARTIN KILIAN and DAVIDE PELLIS, TU Wien Material-Minimizing Forms and Structures

CHRISTIAN MÜLLER, TU Wien Regular Meshes from Polygonal Patterns

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