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Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.

Iva Kovacic

FOB-Leiterin Integrale Bauplanung und Industriebau
+43 (1) 58801 21526



234.145 Planungsprozesse mit BIM
234.172 Integrale Planung
234.173 Industriebauseminar mit Exkursion
234.985 Lebenszykluskosten und -Analyse
234.149 Projektarbeit Bauprozessmanagement
234.174 Integrated BIM Design Lab: „BIM_home“
234.984 Gebaute Beispiele
234.060 Praxisreport: Innovatives Bauen
253.B35 Großes Entwerfen “BIM_home”
234.139 Multidisziplinäre Planung
200.266 Ökologische Aspekte beim Planen und Bauen
234.104 Diplomandenseminar
234.105 Dissertantenseminar



Iva Kovacic is Professor and Head of Research Group for Integrated Planning at the Department for Industrial Building and interdisciplinary Planning at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Vienna University of Technology.

Her research focus is integrated, BIM supported collaborative design and planning; life-cycle optimization of built environment and energy- and resources efficient industrial building and production.

Research Projects: BIMaterial, BIM_Sustain, BaMa_Balanced Manufacturing, CoBe_Cost Benefits of Integrated Planning, INFO_Interdisciplinary Research for Energy Efficient Production, ÖKOLO_Life Cycle Assessment of Passive House, ReCoRe_Resources Conserving Rennovation.

She is a member of GCD_Center for Geometry and Computational Design; and principal researcher in DC_CD_Doctoral College in Computational Design.

Iva Kovacic is born in 1973 in Zagreb, Croatia. She has studied architecture at Vienna University of Technology, where she also obtained her PhD Degree at Faculty of Civil Engineering. In the framework of her PhD Thesis she developed a model for holistic evaluation of building performance evaluation. Habilitation in 2016. As practicing architect, she worked in Austria and abroad (Germany, USA) and is a member of Bavarian Chamber of Architects.

Iva Kovacic is certified auditor of ÖGNI/DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council).


18.10.2018 Symposium "Digitale Baueinreichung Wien 2019". Keynote

14.6. 2018 Themenworkshop Digitales Planen, Bauen und Betreibenr Architekturzentrum Wien (AzW)

Talk: BIM for GIS – BIM basiertes materielles Gebäudepass als Grundstein für materiellen Kataster

10.5.2018 Green Talks, Energy Week, Zagreb. Talk: Building information modelling for building energy modelling – potentials and deficits (BIM for BEM)

5.5. 2018 Architects' Days, Rovinj, Croatia. Talk: Spaces for life long learning in post fossile era

20.3.2018 1. Symposium Digitalisierung "Reality-Check BIM" ..., Linz. Round Table


20.4.2016 "Smart City" Talk at The Twelfth International Conference on Real Estate Development Zagreb 2016

Associate Professor, Head of Research Group for Integrated Planning, April 2016

Habilitationskolloquim am 14.01.2016: "Advancements in Integrated Design und Planning:Exploratory Research for Optimization of People-Process-Technology

Interactions in the AEC Industry" in FRAUENSPUREN:

17.11.2014 Invited Lecture “ BIM in Planning Process – Design Follwos Tool?”

1. Östereichischer BIM Kongress 28.11. 2013 Key Note Lecture "Integrale Planung und BIM" at 6th IFM Congress VUT

18.11. 2013 Nomination for BAWAG P.S.K. Womens' Award in Cooperation with VUT

07.11.2012 Key Note Lecture at the International Scientific Conference People, Buildings and Environment 2012, Lednice, Czech Republic: "Collaborative Planning Practice For Sustainable Buildings - A Case Study Research".

19.12.2012 Buch Präsentation Schulbau in Österreich 1996-2011 Wege in die Zukunft, I. Kovacic: Integraler Brandschutz und Akustikkonzepte

Research Projects as Coordinator:

BIM_Quali BIM Qualification Seminar

BIMaterial BIM based Material Building Pass

BIM_Sustain Building Information Modelling-supported Planning for Sustainable Buildings

CO_BE Cost-benefits of integrated planning

STETTO_ Tecnical and ecological comparison of flat and steep roofs

ÖKOLO_Life Cycle Assessment of embodied energy of a passive house_A case study

Analysis and simulation of the life-cycle cost-benefits of increased efforts for integrated planning, resulting with 3-module Integrated Planning Guidelines

As Project Partner:

INFO Interdisciplinary research for energy efficiency in production – integral simulation of energy-efficient industrial facility on micro and macro level (machine-process-building)

ReCoRe – Resources Conserving Renovation, ERACO-Build

TechNet Energy-efficient housing – Development of calculation method for cost- and energy efficiency of single and multi-family housing – completed in February 2011

Member of:

OTMCJ Editorial board: Organization, Technology and Management in Construction International Journal

EPOS - The Engineering Project Organization Society


SDEWES Centre - International Centre for Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems IG Lebenszyklus Hochbau, Scientific Advisor

ÖGNI Österreichische Gesellschaft für Nachhaltige Immobilienwirtschaft, Scientific Advisor


OTMC Journal and Conference
Journal of Cleaner Production
Construction Management and Economics Journal
SDEWES Conference Scientific Board
CIB W096 at the CIB 2014 conference Construction in a Changing World
EPOC - Engineering Project Organization Conference

Extracurricular Teaching:

Interuniversity-Class (TU Wien, BOKU, MA22):
Ecologic Aspects in Planning and Construction

MBA Professional Facility Management, TU Wien:
Building Performance Evaluation Postgradual Master: Sustainable Building, TU Wien & TU Graz:

Integrated Planning Design Workshop 
INNES Summer School Austrian Architectural Culture
Whole life cost approach for historic buildings