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Blockchain für die Projektentwicklung

Blockchain für die Projektentwicklung

Real estate is characterized by the immobility of assets and a high consumption of building material and amount of produced waste. The uniqueness of the product and the unstandardized product environment with each project, create an industry with specific demands. The ever growing complexity of the real estate development process requires the implementation of new solutions, improved processes and business models. The emergence of collaborative project ecosystems (supported through BIM, digital platforms, etc.) and new technologies (blockchain with smart contracts) demands a change in existing workflows and processes. This master thesis aims at exploring the potential of blockchain technology with smart contracts for real estate development.


Analysis und assessment of blockchain technology – different models, constraints and formats. Analysis and assessment of the value chain in real estate development. Based on researched and documented cases, definition of business models for different blockchain scenarios for the value chain resp. parts thereof in real estate development.

Project steps:

  • Analysis of processes in real estate development. Analysis of blockchain technology - existing use cases are documented and compared here. Technical requirements of the various systems are compared and analyzed.
  • Identification of the best blockchain approach for the value chain or parts thereof in real estate development. It will be examined to what extent the blockchain technology can optimize the approach in real estate development and in which sub-processes.
  • Development of a blockchain business model for a use case.


  • Evaluation Blockchain technology and blockchain processes for real estate.
  • Documentation of the blockchain technology: Implementation, approaches and prerequisites.
  • Identification of the potentials of blockchain in the real estate project development based on knowledge integration.


immediate, 10.2019

Further Information:

Contact: marijana.sreckovic(at)

The diploma thesis is awarded as part of the research project "BIM_CHAIN".