Integrale Planung und Industriebau


Our objective is to enhance innovation in design and planning processes using digital technologies in a collaborative, interdisciplinary setting, on the highest international level. Through multidisciplinary research and an integrated design approach using computational modelling, prediction and optimization, we seek to achieve higher design quality, processes as well as energy- and resource efficiency.

We conduct basic and applied research for:

Digital Platforms for Circular Economy - linking material manufacturing, design, construction and operation to increase resource efficiency, recycling and reduction of waste; through BIM-based Material Passports and LCA.

Digital, interdisciplinary Design - within an Integrated BIM Design Lab, a research led teaching platform, which connects researchers, students and industry, we explore people-process-technology interactions, particular BIM tool related questions. Acting as an incubator for future innovative research and development.

We are currently developing a digital platform for flexible, affordable housing using BIM and parametric design (Wohnen 4.0); as well as parametric tools for flexible structures for resource efficient production  (BIM_Flexi).

The collaboration within GCD – Center for Geometry and Computational Design at TU Wien – offering cutting-edge research in the field computational design in AEC involving faculties of Informatics, Mathematics, Architecture and Civil Engineering, enables to generate new knowledge on future design processes enhanced through digital technologies, as well as development of new customized digital design tools. FWF Special Research Programme: "Advanced Computational Design", which we won together with GCD, has positioned us on international front in the basic research in Digital Design.