Industriebau und interdisziplinäre Bauplanung

Forschungsgruppe Integrale Planung


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Prozess-Design für den BIM-basierten, materiellen Gebäudepass

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Mission Statement:

Achievement of sustainable built environment through Integrated Planning - simultaneous, multidisciplinary collaboration from the earliest design phases, in order to use the common knowledge in process of finding and creating the customized design solutions. Integrated planning is based on the intensive use of quantitative and qualitative methods in the design porches. As qualitative methods count  "design of design process", design of communication, teaming and intensive workshops. As quantitative methods the life cycle analysis including life cycle assessment, life cycle costing, various simulations and building certificates are applied. The most important vehicle for support of Integrated Planning is BIM (Building Information Modelling) and Building Lifecycle Management supported by BIM.


Research Group for Integrated Planning

Head: Associate Prof. Dr. Iva Kovacic