Industriebau und interdisziplinäre Bauplanung

BaMa Balanced Manufacturing

BaMa Balanced Manufacturing, Flagship Project FFG

Balanced Manufacturing will develop a simulation-based method for monitoring, predicting and optimizing energy and resource demands of manufacturing companies considering the economic success factors time, costs, and quality. BaMa will be implemented in a customized tool chain and deployed at project partners’ production facilities. The flagship character of the project is illustrated by a systemic, comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach.    


Vienna University of Technology (VUT)

Institute of Production Engineering and Laser Technology (IFT)

Project Partners:

VUT – Institute for Energy Systems and Thermodynamics (IET)
VUT – Institute for Computer Aided Automation (ASG)
VUT -  Institute for interdisciplinary Building Process Management (IBPM)
VUT – Institute for Management Science (IMW)
researchTUb GmbH (rTUb)
AutomationX GmbH (AX)
Siemens AG Österreich (SIE)
ATP sustain GmbH (ATP)
Daubner Consulting GmbH (DC)
dwh GmbH – Simulation Services & Technical Solutions (DWH)
Wien Energie GmbH (WE)
GW St. Pölten Integrative GmbH (GW)
Berndorf Band GmbH (BB)
Infineon Technologies Austria AG (INF)
Franz Haas Waffel- und Keksanlagen-Industrie GmbH (FHW)
Metall- und Kunststoffwaren Erzeugungsgesellschaft m.b.H. (MKE)
MPREIS Warenvertriebs GmbH (MPR)

Fördergeber: Flagship Project e! / FFG, Proj. Nummer 840746